Pamela Beason, author of mysteries and romances

I write mysteries and romances with strong women, quirky sidekicks, animals, a dash of humor, and big dose of suspense. My writing’s been compared to Nevada Barr and Sue Grafton, two of my favorite authors, along with C.J. Box and Jodi Picoult.

I love the wilderness, so many of my stories feature wildlife and outdoor adventures. I have been accused of always providing a (mostly) happy ending, to which I plead “Guilty.” There’s enough tragedy in real life.

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I hike…

I explore mountains, valleys, forests, and canyons all over the western United States. I am blessed to live in Washington State, where we have three incredible national parks and thousands of acres of national forest, as well as lots of BLM lands and state parks.

I kayak…

Ocean, lake, or river, the water is a great place to take time out with my paddling friends like Mandy and Sue here.

I play in the snow…

Snowshoeing at Paradise, Mount Rainier National ParkOn cross-country skis or snowshoes, I’m out there. Going for a night-time snowshoe with friends on a night of the full moon is one of my favorite things to do in the wintertime.

Brilliant moonlight on crisp snow in the mountains, stars glittering overhead—there’s nothing more magical. Except for meteor showers.

I frolic underwater…

Occasionally, I trek to the tropics to have marine adventures with amazing creatures. Every scuba dive is like a trip to another planet.

Yes, I’m feeding a stingray in this photo. Very carefully. (Note that I’m not grabbing it.) A stingray’s eyes are on its back; its mouth, nostrils, and gills are on its underside. This stingray can smell the food in my right hand.