The Run for Your Life Trilogy

The Run for Your Life Trilogy is a set of fast-paced suspenseful action adventures written with teens in mind, but readers of all ages will enjoy them. Books 1 and 2 are described below. Book 3 will be coming soon!

Race with Danger – Book 1 of the Run for Your Life Trilogy

Champion runner Tanzania Grey, 17, has to win the Verde Island Endurance Race’s million-dollar prize to save the life of her friend Bailey. The treacherous five-day race traverses a remote volcanic island that’s home to beasts that slither, fly, swim, and slink through the jungle. But the wildlife turns out to be the least of Tana’s problems when she draws the name of Sebastian Callendro as her partner. Sebastian’s personal life has put him in the national spotlight, and his nosy followers are the kind Tana can’t afford. Her name isn’t really Tanzania, and everything else in her biography is invented, too. She’s been running for three years─from the men who murdered her parents. If her cover is blown, she could be next.

You can read the beginning of Race with Danger here.

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RacetoTruthCoverRace to Truth – Book 2 of the Run for Your Life Trilogy

Champion endurance racer Tanzania Grey, now 18, is haunted by disturbing email messages from the mysterious P.A. Patterson, who seems to suspect her real identity as Amelia Robinson. Four years earlier, she was the only one to escape when the Robinson family was professionally “eradicated” in Bellingham, Washington.

When Tana receives an invitation to compete in an extreme version of the Ski to Sea relay race in her home town, she decides to use the race as a cover to gather information about who killed her mother and father, and what became of her then-nine-year-old brother.

Tana soon discovers clues that hint of something terribly wrong in the company her mother helped to create, Quarrel Tayson Laboratories. Worse, her sleuthing attracts the attention of a very frightening man in Bellingham, who knew both her parents. It now seems more a matter of “when” than “if” she will be the next to be killed. Can she turn the tables and reveal who was behind the death of her parents before she becomes their next victim?

You can read the beginning of Race to Truth here.

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The Run for Your Life Trilogy — 5 Comments

  1. I have bought all of your fiction books and am now awaiting the Race For Justice. I have enjoyed all of them. I particularly like the Sam Weston series. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • Thank you so much! I got a bit behind schedule, but I expect to have Race for Justice out before the end of February.

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