Neema Mysteries Box Set

NeemaSeries3d copy“Wading into controversial themes, this rollicking thriller touches on human trafficking, teen pregnancy, and the role of animals in the lives of people.” – Publishers Weekly

“Neema knows how to negotiate for a banana and steal your heart while doing it … The Only Witness is a marvel of story-telling.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews

TheOnlyWitness_updated200tallIn The Only Witness, teen mom Brittany leaves baby Ivy sleeping in the car while she dashes into a store. Now Ivy’s missing and half the town thinks Brittany killed her baby. Only one witness saw what happened to Ivy—Neema, a signing gorilla.

The Only Witness was the winner of the overall Grand Prize in the Chanticleer Reviews contest shortly after publication, as well as recently earning a top prize in the nationwide Library Journal mystery contest for ebooks.


In The Only Clue, Dr. Grace McKenna is forced by her funding committee to allow the public to visit her three gorillas. Her worst fears come true when Neema, her mate Gumu, and baby Kanoni all vanish during the night, leaving behind only a pool of blood.

The Only Clue recently won the coveted Mystery & Mayhem Grand Prize.

A third book–The Only One Left–is in the works.

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