Kendall & Cooper interview me on their wonderful mystery author podcast.

Journalist Jennifer Karchmer interviews me on the Whatcom Wordsmith Radio Program (scroll down, I’m Episode 9).

Barbara Hodges allows me to blather on about all sorts of writing and publishing issues in an interview at Mysterical-E magazine.

I talk about the challenges of marketing myself as an unfocused author on WriterSpace

J.N. Duncan interviews me about my newest mystery Undercurrents on The Big Thrill

Cathy Cole makes me look like a star on Kittling:Books

I blather about all my books and pretty much my whole life in a fantastic interview on Jen Blood’s Blood Writes website.

Interview  on Ariel Heart’s blog Mysteries and My Musings about my writing process and the first mystery in my series, ENDANGERED.

Interview on Molly Greene’s blog about following the dual routes of indie publishing and traditional publishing.

Kindle Author Interview – re: The Only Witness on David Wisehart’s Kindle Author Blog.

Giving Witness to an Outstanding Book – Five Scribes Blog
Interview about how being a PI contributes to my books.

Sandra Sookoo–Believing is Seeing
Interview about my romances as well as my mystery.

One Bitten, Twice Shy
Interview on being a shy writer and how I can make myself speak in public.

Writers Gone Wild
Interview talking about my books and being a PI. Note that On Shaky Ground has now been renamed Shaken and has a new cover.

In the Author Spotlight at Cate Masters Blog
Interview talking about all my book. Note that Flashpoint was renamed Shaken and has a new cover.