Celebrating 2015

I know the New Year is an arbitrary date, but the idea of starting anew with endless possibilities is always exciting for me. I like to take stock of things I did or things that happened to me in the last year. It’s fun to realize that I live a pretty amazing life.

In 2015, I published my first young adult suspense novel, RACE WITH DANGER. I had great fun writing it, and it is currently a finalist in a nationwide contest. I will have the second book in this trilogy completed in a month or two.

Neema Series RibbonsIn 2015, my novel THE ONLY CLUE won the Grand Prize in the Mystery and Mayhem contest, and my novel THE ONLY WITNESS won Honorable Mention in a Library Journal contest (which is a bigger deal than it sounds like).

A couple of years ago THE ONLY WITNESS won a Grand Prize in the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Contest. Apparently readers like signing gorillas.

I got the rights back to my three Penguin/Berkley Prime Crime mysteries and republished them myself so I could finally make some money from them.NEW Sam Westin Series

Maple Pass, North Cascades

Friends Rae Ellen and Sudsie in Utah slot canyon

Mt Shuksan from Ptarmigan Ridge





I went to Costa Rica with my sister and twelve other great people.

I enjoyed doing things with my mom in town.

With almost zero snow in the Cascades, I spent a lot of time hiking with friends in beautiful places.

Maple Pass Trail, North Cascades


I laughed a lot at my crazy cats.

Leo and Chloe taking it easy on my bed. Ruusky is too dignified to be seen with them.

Life is good.

And 2016 will be even BETTER!

I hope you’re feeling the same way.




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  1. I have read everything of yours I can get my hands on. Where can I purchase those books I don’t have?

    By the way, I support our local library and donate every thing I have read. Your books are so………………popular here. We have quite a number of authors, actors & actresses residing here.


    • Thanks so much, Margo! I’m sorry it took me so long to respond; obviously I need to check my website more often. You can find any of my books for sale on Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com, Kobo.com, and many other ebook online sites, and although most bookstores carry only the latest titles by big name authors, they can special-order any of my books for you. Thanks for commenting! I will be bringing out several new books this year.

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